14 Love Letters Movie (Hallmark) Cast, Release Date & More

14 Love Letters Movie (Hallmark) Cast, Release Date & More

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is known for telling interesting stories to the viewers and has come out with many amazing feature films. The network is coming out with another story for the fans with the movie, 14 Love Letters.

14 Love Letters is a Canadian romantic movie. The movie starring Vanessa Sears and Franco Lo Presti. 14 Love Letters movie directed by Amy Force and written by Jennifer Snow.

14 Love Letters Release Date

14 Love Letters movie is all set to release on July 31, 2022 on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries.

14 Love Letters Movie Cast

Here is complete cast list of Hallmark Movie “14 Love Letters”,

Vanessa Sears as Kallie

Vanessa Sears plays Kallie in ’14 Love Letters’. She is best known for her role as Abi in the TV Movie ‘Christmas in the Wilds’, Abi in the Movie ‘Romance in the Wilds’, and Amy Parker-Barnett in the TV Movie ‘Too Close For Christmas’.

Franco Lo Presti as Jackson

Franco Lo Presti plays Jackson in ’14 Love Letters’. He is best known for her role as Tony in the TV Series ‘Murdoch Mysteries’, Aldo in the TV Series ‘The Wedding Planners’, Cameraman Sam in the TV Movie ‘Letters to Satan Claus’.

Madeleine Claude as Sahara

Madeleine Claude plays Sahara in ’14 Love Letters’. She has appeared in the several TV Series including ‘True North’, ‘Titans’, and ‘Untold Stories of the ER’.

Kim Roberts as Caroline

Kim Roberts plays Caroline in ’14 Love Letters’. She is best known for her role as Mayor Goodway in the TV Series ‘PAW Patrol’, Virginia Mortimer in the TV Movie ‘A Christmas Dance Reunion’, and Ona Reeves in the TV Series ‘Diggstown’.

Fuad Ahmed as Dex

Fuad Ahmed plays Dex in ’14 Love Letters’. He is best known for her role as Brent in the TV Movie ‘It Takes a Christmas Village’, Dr. Klassen in the TV Series ‘Tiny Pretty Things’, and Dr. Connor in the TV Series ‘Night Owl’.

Sugenja Sri as Alison

Sugenja Sri plays Alison in ’14 Love Letters’. She is best known for her role as Sienna in the TV Series ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, Stephanie Kapoor in the TV Series ‘Designated Survivor’, and Chris in the TV Movie ‘Hometown Holiday’.

Ronica Sajnani as Mrs. Satti

Ronica Sajnani plays Mrs. Satti in ’14 Love Letters’. She is best known for her role as Phillis in the TV Movie ‘The Perfect Pairing’, Dr. Lesley in the TV Series ‘Workin’ Moms’, and Deviyani in the TV Movie ‘Betting on Love’.

Ted Atherton as Mr. Fisher

Ted Atherton plays Mr. Fisher in ’14 Love Letters’. He is best known for his role as Senator Smythe in the TV Series ‘Senator Smythe’, Bert in the TV Movie ‘Grounded for Christmas’, and Dr. Strickland in the TV Series ‘The Expanse’.

William J Edwards as Dr. Grant

William J Edwards plays Dr. Grant in ’14 Love Letters’.


Jeff Irving as Courier
Derick Agyemang as Vet Tech
Liz Taylor as Liz
Gabriel Lee as Teenage boy
Rachel Allen as Kallie Riding Double
Bevan Wearring as Jackson Riding Double


14 Love Letters Movie (Hallmark)

NetworkHallmark Channel
TV Movie14 Love Letters (2022)
Release DateJuly 31, 2022
StarringVanessa Sears, Franco Lo Presti
DirectorAmy Force
WriterJennifer Snow
ProducerMyles Milne
Executive producersStan Hum, Beth Stevenson, Nancy Yeaman
Music bySteph Copeland
Sean Nimmons-Paterson
Cinematography byAldo Quirván
Editing byChris Cull
Mike Donis

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