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2 Common myths about computer mouse : Gaming Mouse Myth Busted

A mouse is an essential part of a PC. There is a wide range of computer mice available on the market. But there are some misconceptions about the computer mouse too. Here we goanna busting two common myths about computer mouse.

1. “Higher dpi is always better”

What is DPI

In the simple term, DPI (Dot per Inch) is a number that shows how far the mouse pointer will move when you will move your mouse one inch.

High dpi and low dpi

Many companies promote dpi numbers as a marketing term. Don’t let dpi numbers fool you. To date, we have achieved a 24000 dpi mark in a mouse. Nowadays computer mice come with a dedicated dpi adjusting buttons.

mouse with dedicated dpi adjustment button
mouse with dedicated dpi adjustment button

But do we need a 10k dpi or 24k dpi in our mouse? well no, we only need a specific range of dpi in our mouse. because in low dpi settings mouse curser will be so slow that we have to move our mouse a lot to move curser a little bit.

If we use high dpi settings (for example we use 5k+ dpi settings in our mouse ) in this case our mouse cursor will become uncontrollable. The situation will we worse if we will use a low-resolution display.

Too much sensitivity makes the mouse cursor “fly” like crazy at the slightest touch. That’s why most gamers, especially serious hardcore competitive FPS gamers who need precision mouse control, game at very low DPI settings and sensitivity. They not only lower their mouse sensitivity DPI, they even lower sensitivity in-game.

So DPI doesn’t matter?

Well, no dpi is an important factor in a mouse. But we need only a specific range of dpi for our daily use.

High dpi is great for high-resolution displays and low dpi is great for high precision works like photo editing, Photoshop, graphic designing, etc.

2. “Heavy mouse gives you an advantage”

Logitech G502 mouse
Logitech G502 mouse with weight adjustment

Some people think a heavy computer mouse gives you more advantages as compared to a lightweight mouse. But this is not true. The fact of the matter is that people have different arm strengths.

What is light to one person may be heavy for another. And what is just right for one person, maybe “too light” for another to the point that it makes them lose fine control over the mouse.

What is the ideal weight for a computer mouse?

Well, it varies from person to person. that’s why some companies provide an adjustable weight option in computer mice. It makes that mouse usable for a wide range of people. Anyone can change the mouse weight for their continence and comfort.

I use a lightweight mouse. I suggest you to buy a mouse with an adjustable weight option.

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