Here Kills the Bride Movie (Lifetime) Cast, Release Date & More

Here Kills the Bride Movie (Lifetime Movie Network) Cast, Release Date & More

Here Kills the Bride is an American thriller movie. Erin Pineda, Ashlee Füss, and Fernando Belo are main cast of the movie. The movie directed by Michael Feifer and written by Michael Perronne. The movie is looking full of thriller.

Here Kills the Bride Release Date

Here Kills the Bride movie is all set to release on June 3, 2022 at 8/7c on LMN.

Here Kills the Bride Movie Cast

  • Erin Pineda as Jasmine
  • Ashlee Füss as Grace
  • Fernando Belo as Carlos
  • Bertila Damas as Brenda
  • Emiliano Díez as Jose
  • Aaron Goldenberg as Winston
  • Michelle Pokopac as Vanessa
  • Clark Sarullo as Cassandra
  • Shakirah DeMesier as Harmony
  • Caia Coley as Karen
  • Anisa Nyell Johnson as Patty
  • Randal Gonzalez as Stan
  • Jennifer Christa Palmer as Detective Carlson
  • Jordan Patrick as Brady
  • Angelo Reyes as Andy
  • Nick Hagelin as Hendrick
  • Darrell Snedeger as Alex
  • Roblyn Allicia as Officiant
  • Heather Lannan as Reporter
  • Travis James as Prison Guard

Here Kills the Bride Movie (Lifetime)

NetworkLifetime Movie Network (LMN)
MovieHere Kills the Bride (2022)
Release Date3 June, 2022
Main CastErin Pineda, Ashlee Füss, Fernando Bel
DirectorMichael Feifer
WriterMichael Perronne

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