Shoud you Buy a Gaming Phone in 2020

Should you buy a gaming phone in 2020? | are gaming phones worth buying ?

The craze of mobile gaming is increasing day by day. Processor companies like Qualcomm and Mediatek are designing processors, especially for gaming purposes. There is a very small group of people who are desperate for mobile gaming. They will buy a gaming mobile without any hesitation. Gaming mobiles are great in terms of specifications and performance. But here a question arises, “should I buy a gaming phone in 2020? ” or “are gaming phones worth buying?” let’s find out.

History of gaming phones

nokia n-gage
Nokia N-Gage

In late 2003 Nokia introduced the first gaming mobile Nokia N-Gage to this world. Nokia N-gage come with a 2.1” display (resolution 176*208pixels) , 3.4MB internal storage and a 850mAH battery. 

It even supported wireless multiplayer gaming over Bluetooth or via its N-Gage Arena online service. Instead of downloadable games, N-Gage games came in the form of MMC cards.

Within a half year of releasing N-Gage, Nokia launched it’s upgraded model Nokia N-gage QD. This Mobile solved many problems of earlier versions. Nokia sold only 3 Million units of the N-gage series by 2007, this was just half of Nokia’s selling target.

In march 2006 Samsung also launched a gaming phone Samsung SPH-B5200. It was a two-way slider phone which offers a lot of games on portrait mode and landscape mode as well. 

But Samsung failed to sell this phone in large numbers and this mobile disappears from the market within some months.

In 2008 Nokia launched an online gaming store for multiple devices. but again Nokia failed to attract customers. In 2009 Nokia announced to shut down it’s all operations related to gaming phones.

sony ericsson xperia play
sony ericsson xperia play

After two years, in April 2011 sony launched a gaming phone Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. this mobile was also known as the “PlayStation Phone”. But unlike PlayStation things did not goes well for this gaming phone and sony decided to shut down its upcoming operations.

Acer, Motorola, and iReady also try to capture this small market of gaming phones but no one succeeds.

In 2018 ASUS become a game-changer in the gaming phone market. In October 2018 Asus launched ASUS rog 1. this phone was packed with decent specifications.

asus rog phone

ASUS Rog 1 came with a 6″FHD+ display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor (10 nm), and a 4000mAH battery. 

Thanks to its high-end specifications and Asus’s marketing this mobile become a massive hit in the gaming phone market. Asus launched its successor Asus rog phone 2 in 2019 and Asus rog 3 recently.

Xiaomi also launched a black shark series in 2018. Xiaomi launched black shark 2 and black shark 3 in 2019 and 2020 respectively.

What makes a gaming phone special?

Gaming phone comes with some advance features which are exclusive for only gaming phones. Like liquid cooling, overclocked CPU, gaming UI, high-speed storage, peripherals support, high refresh rate display, extra triggers. these features very useful in high-end fps shooting games and battlefield games.

liquid cooling 

Liquid cooling is not limited to high-end PC nowadays. Nowadays Gaming phones also come with a liquid cooling system. It took processor cooling to another level.

Gaming UI

Gaming phone come with a custom UI specially designed for gaming purpose. A well-optimized Gaming UI makes our gaming experience better. 

Asus Rog Phone UI
Asus Rog Phone UI

There are some special tools integrated into the gaming UI that help a lot with hardcore gaming and streaming.

high-end performance

Thanks to high end overclocked processor, high amount of ram, and a superfast storage, gaming phone provides a top-level performance. 

The high-end performance of gaming phones allows us to play our favorite games in high-end graphics in maximum fps.

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high refresh rate display

gaming phone comes with a high refresh rate display. It makes our gaming experience so smooth. every frame matter in gaming. high refresh rate helps a lot in professional gaming.

Peripheral support

Active cooling in Asus Rog
Active cooling in Asus Rog

gaming phones come with a lot of peripheral such as the included motorized fan that can be attached to the phone for long hours of gaming. These peripherals support us on hardcore gaming.

Why you should not buy a gaming phone?

If you are a general user or you use your mobile very often then a gaming phone can be a waste of money for you. If you play games on your phone very often than you should buy a normal phone instead of a gaming phone. 

Genuinely mid-range and high range phones don’t disappoint us if we play some games for 1-4 hours. There are some qualities of gaming phones which can annoy you if you are a normal user. You must check out these features if you are looking to buy a gaming phone.


Due to a big battery and other stuff, gaming phones are usually massive in weight as compare to regular phones. For example, the weight of the ASUS Rog phone 3 is 240gm and the weight of the Black shark 3 is 222gm. These gaming phones are pretty heavy in comparison to normal flagship phones like the Samsung galaxy s20(163gm), one plus 8 pro (199gm), iPhone 11 pro(188gm). If you don’t like heavy phones than gaming phones could annoy you.


If your one of the main priority is the camera of the phone than a gaming phone could not be a perfect device for you. Usually, gaming phones do not provide a great camera performance if you compare them to normal mobiles of the same budget segment. 

Camera quality in gaming phones has improved a lot in the last few years but they are still not as good as other normal phones.


If you love simple and minimalistic design than gaming phones probably disappoint you. Gaming phones come with a cool look and feel which is specially designed for gamers. 

Also, gaming phones don’t provide a clean android experience because these gaming phones come with a highly customized UI.


“Should I buy a gaming phone in 2020? “

Well, my answer is yes. If you are a hardcore gamer then, a gaming phone will not disappoint you. If you want the best Android performance and you are fine with the cons. which are mentioned above, then you can go with a gaming phone.

Gaming in Samsung galaxy note 10

But if you play mobile games very rarely or you don’t want to make a compromise with the camera and other specifications then I suggest you, do not buy a gaming phone.

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