The Shoplifting Pact Movie (Lifetime) Cast, Release Date & More

The Shoplifting Pact is an American thriller movie. Alicia Leigh Willis, Jhey Castles, and Houston Rhines are main cast of the movie. The movie is looking full of thriller.

The Shoplifting Pact movie directed by John Murlowski. The movie is scheduled to premiere on Lifetime Movie Network on October 14, 2022 at 8/7c.

The Shoplifting Pact Movie Cast

Alicia Leigh Willis

Alicia Leigh Willis is best known for her role as Elizabeth Wakefield in the TV Series ‘American Heiress’, Alli Fowler in the TV Series ‘Another World’, Courtney Matthews in the TV Series ‘General Hospital’ and Avery Garrett in the TV Series ‘The Bay’.

Jhey Castles

Jhey Castles is best known for her role as Vanessa Reed in the TV Series ‘Dream Streets’, Johnnie Durwood in the TV Series ‘Behind the Scenes’, Lisa Mitchell in the TV Movie ‘Sinister Stepsister’ and Detective Harris in the Movie ‘Recipe for Abduction’.

Houston Rhines

Houston Rhines is best known for his role as Gary in the movie ‘Piranha Women’, Paul in the movie ‘Fatal Memory’, Peter in the TV Movie ‘Most Wanted Santa’, and Gabriel in the movie ‘Angels Fallen’.

Jazlyn Nicolette Sward Plays Tabitha

Tabitha is played by actress Jazlyn Nicolette Sward in the movie ‘The Shoplifting Pact’, who is best known for her role as Karen in the TV Movie ‘The Wrong Valentine’, Annabelle in the TV Movie ‘Pom Poms and Payback’, and Delia in the movie ‘Student Seduction’.

Harrison Cone Plays Trey

Trey is played by actor Harrison Cone in the movie ‘The Shoplifting Pact’, who is best known for her role as Noah in the TV Series ‘Stage Fright’, Tol in the Movie ‘First Love (2022)’, and Brady in the Movie ‘The Spookies (2017)’.

Nancy Harding Plays Ethel

Ethel is played by actress Nancy Harding in the movie ‘The Shoplifting Pact’, who is best known for her role as Sam in the TV Series ‘Keeping Up with the Joneses’, Jessica Anderson in the TV Movie ‘The Pom Pom Murders’, and Mrs. Winters in the TV Movie ‘Beaus of Holly’.

Lisa Cole Plays Becky

Becky is played by actress Lisa Cole in the movie ‘The Shoplifting Pact’, who is best known for her role as Stetson in the TV Movie ‘Triple Threat’, Mrs. Hollister in the TV Movie ‘Dying to be a Cheerleader’, and Marcy in the TV Series ‘Detective Force’.


Brooke Maroon
Fidelia Grace
Gracie Doan
Vanessa Howard Plays Vera
Kristina Goldberg Plays Julie




The Shoplifting Pact Movie (Lifetime)

NetworkLifetime Movie Network
TV MovieThe Shoplifting Pact (2022)
Release DateOctober 14, 2022
StarringAlicia Leigh Willis, Jhey Castles, Houston Rhines
DirectorJohn Murlowski
WriterJohn Doolan
Story byJ. Emilio Martinez
Executive producersSebastian Battro, Tom Berry, Breanne Hartley, Catherine King
Music byDavid Findlay
EditorAlexander Van Heisch

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