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Top Weighing machine brands in 2020 : best Weighing Machines in india

If you are looking to buy a new weighing machine and still confused about ‘which brand should you prefer to buy a weighing machine’, then you are in the right place. here is a list of top weighing machine maker brands.

As the world is becoming health conscious, several brands started making a wide range of Durable and Lightweight, Weighing scales. Nowadays weighing machines are so simple to operate. Even an uneducated person can operate and use Weighing machines today.

Types of weighing machines

There are majorly two types of weighing machines available in the market.

  1. Digital Weighing Scales – this type of weighing scales uses electronic sensors and LCD display to measure and display body weight.
  2. Analog Weighing Scales – analog weighing scales use a spring mechanism to measure body weight.

Top weighing machine brands

A lot of bands are manufacturing and selling Weighing Machines. But very few of them make such products which meet our expectations. Here are some of the top brands that produce high quality and durable weighing machines, which gives us the best value for our money.

1) Omron

Omron weighing machines

Japan-based company Omron is one of the leading weighing scale manufacturers in the country. Omron offers a wide range of weight management monitors, body fat composition monitors to monitor your body fat percentage, skeletal muscle, visceral fat, and more in seconds!

Omron body composition monitors are specially designed to partner with you in your diet and exercise regime. It provides a wide range of indicators such as body fat and skeletal muscle. It also gives you valuable feedback on how your body is changing and the effectiveness of your weight management efforts.

Omron currently offers 4 Body Composition Monitors and 2 Digital Weight Scales. 

2) Dr. Trust – 

Dr. Trust is a renowned global leader in health care products. Dr. Trust provides a wide range of products in the field of health and personal care.

The one thing that makes Dr. Trust different from other weighing machine brands is the beautiful design. Weighing machines of dr. trust is made of High-Quality tempered glass and sturdy materials. 

Made with patented Accu Gauge sensor technology, Dr. Trust’s weighing scales have the ability to show error-free measurements instantly. On the other hand, their smart composition scales use Biometric Impedance Analysis (BIA) technology and share data on your phone or smart by connecting through Bluetooth technology. 

Dr. trust Doesn’t make analog weighing machines. Dr. Trust offers more than 10 models of digital weighing machines. 

3) Healthgenie 

Healthgenie weighting machine

Heatlhgenie is one of the few weighing machine brands that provide a wide range of products in the field of health and hygiene. Healthgenie offers personal care, home care, personal care, beauty care, baby care, and much more world-class products.

Healthgenie provides the widest range of weighing machines in the market. beautiful and sleek designs are the specialty of healthgenie weighing scales. 

4) MCP – 

Mcp weighing machines

( MCP) Medicare products inc offers a wide range of Manual and Digital Weighing Scales. 

Weighing Scales of MCP are Easy To Read And Easy To Understand. MCP Weighing also very Durable And Shows You Accurate Results.

MCP currently offers 3 Analog Body weighing scales and 6 Digital Weight Scales.

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5) Venus 

Venus weighing machine

Venus is one of the top manufacturer of weighing machines. On amazon, Venus provides one of the widest range of weighing machines.

Venus offers digital and analog weighing scales at cheap and affordable prices. Innovative designs and high durability are the main key features of venus weighing machines. This is the only brand that offers totally different looking weighing machines in such a wide range.

Most of the weighing scales from this brand are digital. but Venus offers analog scales too. 

These are the best brands of weighing machines. which weighing machine brand would you prefer? let me know in the comments.

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